Glacier Valley Campground

Amish Country

valley dawn mist cropped

It is a misty, warm Sunday morning. You hear the “clip clop” of the Amish buggies coming down the hill. Truly you feel that you are in a different place.

The Amish community in Columbia and Green Lake counties is one of the largest in the state. If you have driven the back roads from Green Lake to get to Glacier Valley Campground, you have seen many of the characteristic farms with the large white homes and black buggies. To the north, toward Dalton, the density of Amish is very high. Slightly less dense in number, the Amish to the south of Glacier Valley still represent a high portion of the population.

There are many bakeries, shops, restaurants and mills within easy reach of Glacier Valley.
Pat has been known to go over to Pleasant Valley Bakery to pick her cinnamon rolls on a
Friday morning!

We encourage you to explore Amish Country. You will find the countryside beautiful and the Amish warm and engaging. Please be careful driving, especially coming around curves and over hills. And be aware the Amish do not like to have their faces photographed.

Click on the image below for a map of some of the local businesses.

AMISHMAP rev 9-29b